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   Heavy Duty Staplers specializes in the Skrebba heavy-duty stapler, for all industries requiring heavy duty, high capacity stapling. The Skrebba Stapler has been the workhorse of the Graphics industry since it's introduction, and well known for it's quality construction and reliabilty.The German made Skrebba staplers are extremely well made robust and reliable and ideal for offices, schools,medical departments reprographic and printing departments.

Regardless of your industry or applications, with capacities of up to 200 sheets, the Skrebba Stapling system is SIMPLY THE BEST!






SKREBBA-117/120 Long 






 Simply The Best! 

 Our Best Seller!! 

 Same as our Best seller

The workhorse of the Reprographic industry. Our Heaviest Duty stapler uses the #60 series wire staple. Skrebba quality and reliability makes this our #1 stapler for all heavy duty, large capacity stapling applications.


A remarkable, technically sophisticated and extremely reliable stapler for all your heavy duty stapling needs. Tailored to meet your requirements, satisfaction guaranteed. For layers up to 190 sheets.
There is no competition for this popular stapler, with new push button, front loading mechanism design, and adjustable guide, the best has just got better! Only this long reach heavy duty stapler allows for applications requiring fully adjustable center stapling.

Uses Heavy Gauge wire staples for capacities up to
30-190 sheets.
Uses 60 series staples. The heaviest duty and thickest staples.


Heavy duty stapler for 50-190 sheets of #20 paper.
Uses #50/10-50/20 staples. Also 23/8-23/24)
Uses #23 or 50 series staples for 50-175 sheets
Uses the  23/08-23/20 and 50/10-50/20 staples.

Uses #23 or 50 series staples for 50-175 sheets
Uses the 23/08-23/20 and 50/10-50/20 staples.

In Stock!  In Stock!  In Stock!  In Stock! 
Item # SKRE23 Item # SKRE17/20 Item # SKRE117/120 Item # SKRE117L
List Price   $348.49
Sale Price $338.25
List Price   $275.57
Sale Price $267.67
List Price  $199.95
Sale Price $181.50
List Price  $205.25
Sale Price $199.17

 recommended staple

Uses 60 series staples. The heaviest duty and thickest staples.

 recommended staple

Uses all 50 and 23 series staples

recommended staple 

Uses all 23 and 50 series staples.

 recommended staple

Uses all 23 and 50 series staples.

3 Box Minimum on all staple orders.





SKREBBA-112 Long




The Top performing stapler in regards to efficiency, function and workmanship.Skrebba  Quality throughout!

Skrebba Quality all around
performer for all small to medium stapling jobs.


Long reach stapler, with new push button, front loading mechanism design Heavy Duty Office Stapler

100 sheet Capacity Uses 23/08-17 or 50/10-20 staples

Uses the 23/08 , 23/10, 23/12 and 23/13 Skrebba staples. 
Uses the 23/08 , 23/10, 23/12 and 23/13 Skrebba staples.

Uses 24/6- 24/8 -26/6 - 26/8s.

In Stock! In Stock! In Stock! In Stock!
Item # SKRE18 Item # SKRE-112 Item # SKRE-112L Item # SKRE-WAL
List Price    $93.00
Sale Price  $85.25

List Price $185.95
Sale Price $164.55

List Price $199.95
Sale Price $173.72
List Price $32.45
Sale Price $25.20

recommended staple


recommended staple


recommended staple


recommended staple


Tired of pulling staples with a standard stapler remover?

The Skrebba KLICK stapler remover is a must have! This staple remover will pull all
standard and Skrebba staples from a few up to the maximum stapled sheets!

On Sale now...$17.19!

SKREBBA—Ring Loop 208 Stapler


SKREBBA—Super Hand Stapler

SKREBBA—Klick Stapler Remover


Ring Loop Stapler

Skrebba Maxi 170

 Super Hand Stapler

Klick Stapler Remover

This stapler is ideal for assembling samples of saddle-stapled books up to 150 sheets thick! For stapling catalogues, forms, leaflets right into the fold. Lateral guides aid in the exact positioning of paper for stapling. Adjustable work table for flat or saddle stapling.Useful wherever a long reach or a thick bind is required.

A strong and powerful hand-held stapler that staples up to 30 sheets.

Skrebba quality and capacities up to 30 sheets 


Skrebba Quality Stapler remover Easy stapler pulling when you need it!

Works with standard and
all Skrebba Staples!


Capacity: up to 150 sheets!  Capacity: up to 30 sheets Capacity: up to 30 sheets  
In Stock!   In Stock!  In Stock!   In Stock! 
Item # RSKRE Item # SKRE-Maxi Item # SKRE-SUPER Item # SKRE-KLICK

List Price   $201.50
Sale Price $184.60

List Price   $26.20
Sale Price $25.20

List Price   $32.45
Sale Price $29.60


List Price   $19.95
Sale Price $18.30

 recommended staple

Uses Ring loop RR24/06 - RR24/08 and  24/06 - 24/10 staples.

 recommended staple

Uses 24/06, 24/08 and 26/06 & 26/08 series staples

recommended staple 

Uses 24/06 or 24/08 and 26/08 series staples.


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" We absolutely love our Skrebba ring loop stapler. It pushes the staples through the paper cleanly and with very little effort. It is very well built and works equally well for stapling stacks of paper or making booklets. We use the ring-loop staples often when we want to keep multiple booklets in ring binders."

 Darin A. Buri


 "I have been looking for a stapler that could handle the type of production we have. The Skrebba Stapler has exceeded my expectations in every way!"

 Bill Kalo

 "We have used the Skrebba Stapler in our pharmacy and lab, and have been very pleased with the quality of this stapler. CPSI has always given us excellent customer service when ordering our comsumables"

 Mary Keaton,